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Feedback I’ve Received

Without hesitation, I offer my highest recommendation for Dr. Lee’s psychology practice. Dr. Lee is an exceptional clinician with a broad expertise. I have referred many young athletes with concussion to Dr. Lee and she has skillfully helped these athletes work through such issues as anxiety, academic stress, sleep dysfunction, depression and social/emotional strain.  
Dr. Lee has an incredible bed side manner and seamlessly earns the trust of her patients. She provides age-appropriate tools and strategies for life-long mental health. I trust Dr. Lee and have personally counted on her to care for my own children when they suffered from concussion. I appreciate how Dr. Lee is working to bring her expertise into the space.

Brooke Pengel, MD
Pediatric Sports Medicine
Rocky Mountain Pediatric OrthoONE

Dr. Jin Lee is a phenomenal clinical psychologist. She is a valued member of our concussion team at the Center for Concussion.  Kids and teens with concussion can have complicated recovery often struggling with issues such anxiety and depression during their recovery. 
Dr. Lee is an expert at treating these issues within our program as well as any number of mental health diagnoses in her private practice.  She is valued by parents and patients alike.  She quickly develops a trusting professional relationship with her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Lee’s telehealth psychology practice.

Sue Kirelik, MD
Medical Director
Rocky Mountain Pediatric OrthoONE
Center for Concussion

It is an honor and delight to endorse psychologist Dr. Jin Lee.  In our shared work with patients with minor traumatic brain injury and their families, I have witnessed her professionalism and compassion as she supports and empowers them to meet life’s challenges. 
Dr. Lee is highly qualified and skilled with specialized training in different therapeutic techniques and modalities to help with sleep dysfunction, headaches, anxiety, depression, and a broad spectrum of mental health issues. With her depth of knowledge and wisdom, she is able to offer pediatric, adolescent and adult patients personalized, trustworthy and evidence-based care.

Michele Chetham, MD
Rocky Mountain Pediatric OrthoONE
Center for Concussion

As a pediatric neurologist, it can be a struggle to find therapists that are familiar with management of therapies for migraines and functional disorders of the nervous system. Dr. Lee has experience with these conditions and the feedback I have received from patients has been quite positive. I am so happy to have found Dr. Lee to help patients with conditions that can be debilitating and poorly responsive to medical therapies.

Katharine Meddles, MD
Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Medicine

Dr. Lee is amazing. She is knowledgeable and experienced. I refer patients to her frequently. Her multi-modality and evidence-based approach works so well with kids with chronic health issues and mental health issues. She has been successful in helping so many of my patients, who at times have complex issues. I am a neurologist and so I have referred to her many patients with chronic pain, migraines, sleep issues, depression and anxiety. She takes an individualized and thorough approach with every child. I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Dr. Lee and I recommend her highly.

Jessica Litwin, MD

Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Medicine

Dr. Lee is a compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated clinical psychologist. We have shared many cases, and I always appreciate her collaborative approach to mental health care. She goes beyond normal expectations, and provides great insight on challenging medical cases. We always receive such a positive feedback from shared clients. I highly recommend her practice to anyone out there that is looking for a comprehensive and caring approach. 

Shannon Keane, NP-C

Bloom Mental Health

Dr. Lee is bright, thoughtful, caring, and has been such an asset to us and our community with her focus on helping children suffering from serious or chronic medical conditions. Children suffering from a medical illness can easily develop mental health troubles, and having an ally like Dr. Lee in your corner can make all the difference for these kids and their families!

Jadon Webb, MD, PhD

Board Certified in both Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Faculty Member at the Yale Child Study Center
Director of Bloom Mental Health

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