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What's expected from an initial visit?

During the initial visit, I want to meet the family (at least one parent) first. It’s very important for me to get a full picture of what’s going on.

The intake and assessment process may take 2-3 sessions so I can come up with the best possible treatment plan.

What is the fee for each session?

The fee for each session is $275 per session (45-minute per session).

Do you offer video sessions?

Yes! We offer a secure video session, and you will use a unique link to get into the session.

You will need a smartphone, tablet, or a computer with a camera for the telehealth sessions.

How long does it take to get better?

It depends! My treatment approach is typically a 3-step process.

Step 1: Relief - this phase of treatment is all about the symptom management and improvement in daily functioning. I see my patients once a week for 10-15 sessions. I also meet with parents/caregivers periodically during the time. Some patients get better relatively quickly while others benefit from a longer treatment. 

Step 2: Root causes - this phase of treatment is about further investigating potential factors contributing (root cause(s)) to their condition. During this phase, I meet with them for additional sessions, typically 5-10 sessions.

Step 3: Relapse Prevention - this phase of treatment is about the maintenance and check in. I meet with patients every 4-6 weeks for 2-3 times and make sure they are on the path to ongoing recovery and improvement.

Overall, each treatment is individually tailored, ranging between 3 months to a year.

What can I expect in a session with Dr. Lee?

I am committed to provide compassion and do my best to understand your situation. I also like to include humor and fun when appropriate.

Your well-being is my priority. I expect you to show up to each treatment session with open-minded and ready to get better. That being said, I always ask you about your comfort level so I can follow your lead. 

I also believe in finding your inner voice and love helping you advocate for yourself and communicate your needs with others effectively.

Do you take an insurance?

I worked in hospital settings for many years and was in-network with insurance companies. Because of my specialty working with medically challenged patients, many insurance companies didn't pay for my service. This limited what I could do to help my patients in the best way possible.

Because of the unpredictability of insurance coverage, I've chosen to charge out of pocket. However, I provide superbill so you may seek for out of network benefit reimbursement.

My goal is to provide the quality service that meets individual needs.

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