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Overcome Chronic Illness

A Psychologist Dedicated To Help Teens Solve Challenges Related To Chronic Illness


Hi there, I'm Dr. Lee

Imagine waking up every morning feeling like you can take on the world because you solved challenges related to your chronic illness. How great does that feel?

I grew up as a competitive dancer and have suffered from chronic pain and illness. The conditions bothered me, but I avoided thinking about them because I didn't know what to do!

Through my education and training in various hospital settings, I learned that chronic illness doesn't have to limit my life. Working with countless patients taught me important values of instilling hope and building skills to overcome chronic conditions.  

By using evidence-based treatment methods, I am here to help you get to know a mind-body connection and become the powerful problem solver for your chronic medical condition.

Clinical Pediatric Health Psychologist
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Conditions I treat

Building skills to regain the control of yourself


Chronic Pain

If you are struggling with headaches, migraines, or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS):

I use evidence-based methods to help you recover from your chronic pain and restore "normal" life, just like others.

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

If you are diagnosed with functional neurological disorder or non-epileptic seizures:

I can help you better understand what it is and "un-tangle" the cross-wired connections between your brain and body.

Post-concussion syndrome (PCS)

If you sustained a concussion (or concussions) and have persistent symptoms for weeks or months after the injury:

I offer evidence-based treatment to help you recover and enjoy your life again.

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