Welcome to Your Pediatric Psychologist. My name is Dr. Jin Lee. I specialize in working with children who have medical conditions. Whether your child has an acute injury (such as a concussion or fracture), or a chronic illness (such as cancer or diabetes), my practice specializes in elevating the care for your child and family with advanced psychological services. It is my goal for your child to return to feeling well, and to live an enjoyable, successful life, in-spite of their medical challenges.  While all children and families are uniquely different, I have worked successfully with thousands of patients experiencing everything from acute injury (i.e., concussion) to end of life (i.e., terminal illness). 

I will assess how your child's physical health is impacting his or her mood and/or behavior and vice versa. When your child is ill, he/she may experience anxiety, depression, or sleep disturbance. This can cause headaches, stomach aches, or shortness of breath. All of which may lead to more serious complications, and a general “downward spiral” with regards to health and quality of life. When your child is in this state, everyone in the family is impacted. Working together, we will take actions both in-therapy, and in-between sessions to reverse the course, and climb toward the path of healing and recovery. 

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